Touch Antibacterial Door Pushpad (Includes 12 Plastic Mounts and 60 Refills)

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The Touch door pushpad is engineered to kill germs in seconds. Alternative silver & plastic based products can take many hours to achieve a similar germ kill level.
Pushpads mode of action mimics the effect of disinfecting the surface with an antibacterial wipe after every contact, helping to prevent the spread of infection. They should be used in
combination with hand gel dispensers. Pushpads help prevent the spread of germs and hand dispensers help to kill germs
present on hands. Together they represent powerful multi faceted weaponry in the fight against infection.
- Door pushpad, snap fits into holster, weekly disposable
- Recycled plastic components
- Low cost, minimal capital outlay & easy to fit
- Secretes alcohol gel under pressure to self-disinfect surface
- Gel or hand wash + Zencare Pushpad = STAY CLEAN
- Dimensions: Pushpad– 276x98mm/Holster – 376x109mm
- Pushpad lasts 1000 actuations or 7 days
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